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MSDivisions is a division of
Commercial Communications LLC

(A Connecticut Corporation)
14 Montgomery Street
Middletown, NY 10940
TIN: 061423742,   DUNS: 949112510,   CAGE: 1NXQ8,  

Although springs go into many products.
our most prominent activities can be classified as follows:
NAICS (2017): 332613  
USMAC (Harmonized tariff classification numbers): 7320.90,7320.20.50,9304

Phone: 845-343-9078,   Fax: 845-344-2175

MSDivisions' full line catalog is backed up by extensive inventory. With over 10,000,000 springs in stock we have one of the largest stock spring inventories in the country.

In addition, our extensive wire inventory and manufacturing capacity routinely deliver even out of stock springs in just a few days. Our quality too is unexcelled. Each shipment is inspected and certified without charge. Material reports are always available.

MSDivisions' custom spring capabilities include wire diamteters from .006 to .500 inches. We manufacture springs with Free length of up to 30 feet, and OD's from .040 up to 12 Inches.

For simple configurations, you can check our prices on-line using the Spring Calculator on this site. For more complex situations, please fax a print to 845-344-2175, Attach your print to an Email, or provide hard copy by mail/delivery service.

MSDivisions provides a unique service by fully integrating stock and custom spring.
This is evidenced on our web site by:
the capcity to design custom applications, then with a single click see a list of potentially usefull stock springs. Each one with your application's load requirement already calculated for you.
The integration is also evident in conventional business:
You can take advantage of our unique practice of accepting blanket orders for stock springs, and can benefit from the very short lead times that our extensive stock spring manufacturing capacity can provide.

MSDivisions is also a highly competitive supplier of quality custom springs.
This is evidenced on our web site by:
the capcity to enter competitors part number (or even partial part numbers) and receive a list of comparable stock springs. Most of the major competitors in the industry can be cross referenced this way, as well as MS24585 and MS24586 springs.
For custom springs, we are the only source that provides price quotations via the internet for custom springs. Just enter your design in the spring calculator and click on pricing.
In conventional business:
competition in the industry is even more intense. We offer Exceptional prices (and guarantee lower prices on stock springs) plus we provide fast delivery and high quality. We are currently in the process of ISO 900 certification.

Sales Terms
MSDivisions offers load certification and SPC analysis on all springs.

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