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You can switch to our old site to perform calcuations. We appologise for the inconvenience.

Spring Calculator Versions  
All versions provide prices, and locate similar stock springs

A faster way to confirm existing designs and locate equivalent stock springs.


General Purpose Calculator.
Designs springs from dimensions or load data.

Spring Calculator Agreement
You must accept the agreement to proceed.
  • There is no charge for use of the calculator.
  • Prices provided are generally upheld; but are subject to review.
  • It is your repsonsibility to assure that your application is safe and will function as planned. Use of the calculator does not guarantee that the springs you design will perform the way you expect them to, nor that they will be safe in your application.
  • Terms such as "indefinite", "infinite", "fatigue", and "yield" are general descriptions intended to assist in comparing design alternatives and are not a guarantee of specific performance.

Over 14 Years, the design algorithms used by this calculator have been repeatedly confirmed in service and in fatigue tests. Still, there is no guarantee that any particular spring or design will work as anticipated. Indeed, it is to be expected that a certain percentage of the springs designed will not work as anticipated and may fail. This may be due to material imperfections, particulars of your application, normal manufacturing variability, misunderstanings regarding use of the calculator, and/or design nuances that may not have been fully understood (either by you, or by us). Use of the calculator is not a substitute for adequate product testing.

By using this calculator, you agree both personally and on behalf of your company that MSDivisions/Commercial Communications LLC has no liability whatsoever for the design developed or for the consequences that may evolve directly or indirectly from the design. There is no warranty of any kind.

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